Welcome to The Investigators, Security & Investigation Training.

Welcome to The Investigators, Security & Investigation Training.

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 Fundamentals of Personal Safety & Security at home, at the Mall or  Traveling. "How to Care for yourself," when a threat arises, involing  your Personal Safety.   How to identify a threat to your Safety.  Personal defense and  security devices and how to use them. 

Who Needs Security


Who needs Personal Safety and Security
The answer; just about anyone living in to-days world, who isn’t in a jail cell, guarded by Police.

If  you go out to a Mall once in awhile, or a Christmas party at a downtown  hotel, you need to be Personal Security Conscious. These are places  where victims of crimes against people take place.

Did  you ever wonder why the Hotel has so may personal out front when you  arrive, why the Mall has a Security officer standing in the parking area  or outside an entrance door, and a white Security Car patrolling the  parking lot?

These are so common, we just never  think about it. What you really need to worry about, is the places you  do not see, these familiar Security signs at. It is all about knowing  what is going on around you, when you’re moving about.

So;  ask yourself, do I need to be aware of my need for personal security?  If I do, what do I need to do, to provide for my own personal security?  The answer will be found right here in this writing about “Your Personal  Safety and Security” 

As you read on, remember  this is written for a vast audience of readers interested in their  personal Safety and security. All of the suggested precautions may not  apply to your needs, and for some it will not be enough.

This  information is only suggestions, based on people’s experiences, studies  by Security Specialists and reports about someone else, unfortunate  encounter,  with a breach of their Personal Safety & Security.
Personal Safety.
Don’t leave home without the phone numbers to call ,
Police,  other persons needed in an emergency, Auto Club number, automobile  information, license plate # and serial number, as well as make, Model  and Color of your car.

Always carry an extra  car key with you, in case you lose keys or get locked out of your car,  especially if you’re on a trip some distance from home.

How Do You Do This?
You  place these numbers in your cell phone or something you normally carry  with you. Know where you’re going by the name of the area, the street  and street address. 

Write on a card and carry with you. Get directions to the location, before you leave home.
I  have been in St. Louis, Memphis and Miami and made a wrong turn ending  up in the worst district of the city, it’s easy to do, when you don’t  know where you’re going.

Dress accordingly for  the activity and the area, you are going to. When parking look for a  safe place, if there is none, if there is now, get as close to the place  your going a business or public building.

Stay  away from alleyways, places where there are large shrubs, and parking  garages with bad lighting. Stay in the area of people places. Once you  get out of the car, stay where people are.

What can I do?
Plan  your outings for safety, by being prepared, before anything can happen.  An accident, your car is stolen, or someone becomes ill, or is a victim  of a crime.

After once preparing yourself for  safety, you can use it over and over again, it is so easy for  preparedness, when you are ready, to meet someone for lunch or dinner,  now you need to make a plan, with those you’re a meeting.

If  you are planning to go somewhere you are familiar with and the other  person is not, let them know something about the area, the address,  parking, or where to get off of public transportation.

Expect  the same from someone you’re going to meet and you are not familiar  with the area. How do you get there, what kind of area, where do you  park your car, and exactly what time to meet them and where.

The whole idea is to keep each other, out all the harm’s way.
Things you might take with you
 A card with directions.
 Your Cell Phone, with all the
needed information in it.
 Carry a Cross body purse, or a
small money folder with ID card, home address and information in case of emergency.

Again,  it all depends where you’re going, a large city, such as Chicago, St.  Louis, or Miami, or to a small rural farm community.

This  information taken from a booklet written by Charles E Neuf CPP, a  Security Professional. You can get a free PDF copy to download by  clicking on the following URL  http://www.lulu.com/shop/charles-neuf-cpp/personal-safety-when-traveling/ebook/product-17358668.html

Life is think love, have fun, and live by Faith.
Charles E Neuf  Writer/Storyteller of short stories 
Blog  Intelligent Report, based on Research 

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About Training

The Training material comes in a published book form, in a easy to read straight forward information about each subject.

    Everything written has been proven in the field by Charles E. Neuf based on 40 years experience in the field and Training Detectives and Security.

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Start & run P.I. Business

The Investigator has written a 450 manual revealing  types of investigation, how to start a business, get clients, forms to use, as well as investigation plans for running different type cases.

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For The Security Officer

 Written for the Security Officer working  in the field or on post. Covers Emergencies encounter when working  Security, Alarms, Fire, Water Damage, Medical Emergencies, Calling  Police for backup and  writing the Report.    Practical Information, what to say and how to say it when contacting  emergency services.  What actions to take, directs to give and much, much  more.     In Pocket Book size to carried while working.


The Trainer & Training Material

Introduction The Investigator

For inspiring Investigators
Charles E Neuf took on the title of The Investigator after about 20 year


A Story For inspiring Investigators and Security Personel

Charles E Neuf took on the title of The Investigator after about 20 years of being a State Police Detective and Licensed Private Detective.

Up until that time titles of Trooper, Detective, Agent, had a meaning but The Investigator did not realize what each meant in really to what he was doing at the time.

But, as he moved through time, he came to understand what each title meant for what he was doing at the time. Each title signified a step in experience and development of induvial before becoming an Investigator. 

The Investigator after so 20 plus years had begun to train others to be Detectives for his own organization and realized what was needed to become an Investigator.

The very thought of being a Detective was the start for each of those inspiring to be a Private Detective. They believed they were going to be someone different than they were when started their training.

After a month of attending four hours a day training and another 12 hours working in the field doing some kind of Detective work, weather it was research at the local library, severing a legal paper, reading an investigation report, or sitting in a local courtroom for a couple of hours observing what was happening in a trial by jury, they began to think, act like, and develop a belief they were a Detective.

So, after 20 years Charlie, the Trooper, Detective, Agent, Private Detective developed a belief he was not just an Investigator, but he was The Investigator and sold his services as such,

The same person who was the Private Detective began to have different kinds of clients and received different amounts for his services.

Clients began finding The Investigator, rather than the Private Detective looking for them and receiving half the amount for his services as The Investigator.

The same person was proving services, but when they were a Private Detective things were different than when they became The Investigator, What happened, Why did it Happen, How did it happen, Who was The Investigator that changed from a Private Detective, and When did this happen.

Even The Investigator did not have the answers to these questions until years later he began to look back at how things just happened in his life, are did they “Just Happen,”

Let us start at the beginning, and analyze what brought this about.  The Investigator believes this will benefit all Detectives and Investigators by having an understanding of what made the difference between the Detective and the Investigator in Charlie’s case.

Charlie started out as a uniformed State Trooper, but realized there was a lot he needed to know if he was going to be good at what he was doing.

The Trooper began attending everything he could that referred to Police work. Free seminars offered by different police agencies about anything Police do.

Because he responded to many accidents with injuries, he became a Red Cross First Aid Instructor teaching others how to respond to the injured.

Then while all this was going on he started receiving Newsletters and magazines about special subjects on Police work. In one of these, there was a special correspondence course for New York City Police to take for become a Detective, Charlie took it, and a year later, he had the belief he could be a Detective.

From other experiences he picked up along the way, Charlie became one of the first Illinois State Police Detectives, then he became an Agent in the LEIU, and later the personal “Investigator” for the Police Chief, Agency Director, and Governor of the State, ten years later Charlie left to become a Private Detective.

After all of this Why did Charlie leave the State Police, well mostly for money! As a State 

Police Trooper he made $18,000 a years, with a family of five children, that was not enough, but as a Private Detective in his own business, the first year $50,000 was more than enough. 

But, the story does not stop here, because that was only the beginning and too long a story to tell right now. To speed ahead, Charlie ended up with five offices in Illinois, 20 Detectives in the field, a 100 Security Officers in three states, and more.

That is how The Investigator came about and Why & How he ended up in Training, Detectives, and Security Personal.

Now here is How you can find out about what real Private Detectives do. The Investigator wrote Short Stories about what he was doing based on his case files and you can read about his experiences just as if they were your experiences as a Private Detective and the an Investigator.

After reading about what real in life, Private Detectives do and how they do it, you may or may not want to become this other person in you.

If you have questions about things, Private Detectives do Contact Charlie by e-mail.

About Training Material & Who Wrote it

Security Officer & Private Investigator Training

To the Point & Easy to Understand, written by Charles Neuf  CPP ASIS Certified Protection Profession of 30 years.

Material to the point & easy to understand

Training Material for those in Security & Investigation written by Charles Neuf CPP, known The Major after over 40 years experience as A State Police Detective, Private Investigator, an Security Training Consultant.




Written by experienced Field & Management professional

All Training Material written by the Major is backed up by years of experience both in the field and in management of Executive Protection Security Agency and The Investigator

Private Detective Agency over a period of 25 years.

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